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At lunchtime on Wednesday I sat on the terrace behind the Memorial Union theatre. The wind was strong, so the lake was rough (the lone duck that was in the water and feasting on a buffet of lake weed looked sorta green), but the sun was out so it felt much like swimming in Washington Harbor: a brief engulfment of cold followed by the ahhh of serene warmth followed by another brrr of cold again.

A heavyish 50-something guy sporting a dark a moustache and wearing a baseball cap who looked like he might be a maintenance worker at the university on his lunch break walked by with a white five-gallon bucket and a fishing rod. He strolled out to the end of the wooden pier Gone Fishingand stood so casually as he fished, his uniform shirt tucked neatly into his pants but still unsuccessful at keeping his belly from hanging over his belt. He tried either side of the pier, but it didn’t look like he ever caught anything. Inbetween the drags on his (homemade?) cigarette and the sailboats approaching and leaving the pier, he stopped now and again to pull up his line to try a different lure. A pair of families on vacation walked onto the pier, the alpha ten-year-old daughter leading the way. The girl noticed the fisherman in the distance and momentarily halted before resuming her journey, to where exactly? The fisherman sidled closer to the edge of the pier to let the intruders pass, then returned his concentration back to the slack line that dangled in the water. Despite the bustle of activity on and around the pier, his face remained expressionless. I could tell that he was having a grand time.

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